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A model of partnership
DRC Nigeria Story

In 2018 RedRose trained the DRC Nigeria country team to use the system for their projects in Adamawa state. Over the succeeding years the program has scaled up to work in three additional states serving an ever-increasing number of beneficiaries with cash distributions.

DRC was looking for a partner to manage the cash distributions in settlements without access to existing agents. Therefore, RedRose partnered with a local financial service provider, the United Bank of Africa (UBA), to do the cash distribution activities on site. The RedRose e-voucher system is used to manage and track the transactions, providing secure, fast, and accountable cash distributions by UBA. The partnership between DRC, RedRose, and UBA has allowed each party to use their resources efficiently and focus on their relative areas of expertise.

With the right tools and a partnership approach, DRC and RedRose are able to reach more beneficiaries with cash assistance throughout Northeastern Nigeria.

After receiving training to use RedRose in 2018, the DRC Nigeria country program team has started using the RedRose system in Adamawa state. Over the succeeding years the program has scaled-up over to four additional states, used in cash distributions to ever be increasing beneficiary numbers.

RedRose has partnered with a local financial service provider to handle the field cash distribution activities on behalf of DRC Nigeria, helping the DRC team to allocate their human resources much more efficiently to other areas in need and allowed an environment where cash distribution in the field to be more secure, fast, and accountable. Project is helping more and more people every year in thanks to tools that RedRose has developed and RedRose's ability to establish a trust relationship with DRC Nigeria program team and its financial service provider partner.

With a humanitarian focused vision, RedRose was able to find partners who had the same vision and willingness to realize that vision on the ground by working with its partners hand in hand.