Mass Campaigns
Learning and Development Team

Some projects are carried out at a massive scale, reaching millions of households in a very short time. Our technology has been designed to not only meet this need, but do it in hard-to-reach, infrastructure poor environments. We’ve gathered years of experience into our unique solution so that program teams can maintain their core processes while increasing their efficiency and performance visibility. Our system provides accurate and near instant information, and our team provides human-centered support throughout the entire project.

Here are the 3 easy steps to the RedRose approach.
1.    The planning and preparation step begins by sharing with RedRose previously captured microplanning data, SOP information, and any standardized report templates. With that, we:
2.     The distribution and monitoring step begins with the training of trainers and provides information throughout the critical points. This includes:
3.    The evaluate and share impact step begins when you are ready to share the outcomes with stakeholders. RedRose offers multiple tools and services, including:
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Ezgi Kamalı
Learning and Development Team