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We create solutions that solve the challenges of engaging with financial service providers with our globally growing network.

Financial services have a critical role to play in mitigating humanitarian crises. More and more, governments and aid agencies are using direct cash transfers to help people facing emergency situations. Evidence shows aid presented as cash can be more efficient, more transparent, and more accountable. It gives the dignity of decision-making back to the people who know best what they need and kickstarts local markets and supply chains, helping economies get moving again.
RedRose manages the processes of cash-based aid effectively, efficiently, and reliably. Our solution comes ready-integrated with many mobile money operators and banks as well as other cash distribution mechanisms. It allows for the full management of cash-based interventions (reporting, operation, and bank integration) in a single environment.
Here are the key components of our Financial Services features.
Beneficiary Data Management
We have a comprehensive suite of tools for sourcing and managing beneficiary data which is compatible with the local KYC regulations (see beneficiary data management services for more information).
Account Verification
The RedRose platform can help you verify the beneficiary’s account data and ensures that the data you collected is sufficient and accurate for making a financial transfer. Verifying the bank account or mobile wallet account in advance eliminates delays from data collection errors.
Segregation of Duties and Approval Process
The RedRose platform has built-in segregation of duty capability and ensures any financial transaction has a multi-step approval process with a full audit-trail, including documents. Roles and responsibilities with the level of approvals can be designed per your organization’s approval matrix.
Data Security and Privacy
The RedRose platform is designed based on best-practices and uses state-of-the-art mechanisms and protocols to secure your data (see data privacy and compliance services for more information).
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Financial Services Partnerships Team